A Greener Chatsworth

At Chatsworth, sustainability and the environment have been important to us since the early 1800s. The 6th Duke developed the sustainable water features in the garden, bringing in water from the nearby lakes. In the late 1800s, Chatsworth's first water powered turbine was installed to provide green electricity to the house.

Today we have The Devonshire Group Environmental Committee (DGEC). Headed by Lord Burlington, the DGEC is a group-wide initiative that aims to develop, steer and promote an evolving policy of environmental awareness and social responsibility.  In January 2011 we announced our vision to ensure Chatsworth's on-going commitment to sustainability.

Most recently the Chatsworth Renewable Energy Centre (CREC) was opened adjacent to the Kitchen garden. The the CREC houses the low carbon, combined heat and power gasification system which will feed 97% of the electricity and 72% of the heating to the house, garden, shops and restaurants. Find out more about the CREC in the below video.

Don't forget if you hop on a TM Travel bus to Chatsworth, you will receive a £2 discount on house and garden admission. Visitors will receive the discount at the entrance on production of their TM Travel ticket and discount voucher – available in the bus timetable leaflet from tourism information centres, bus stations and the Chatsworth information room.


Did you know?

The water used to flush our visitor toilets is fresh from the lakes above the house. It may not always be clear due to rainfall disturbing the lake bed. Learn more about waterworks at Chatsworth.

The Devonshire Group Environmental Policy Statement

The Devonshire Group Environmental Policy Statement

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