Property emissions and renewables

At Chatsworth we are committed to reducing our property greenhouse gas emissions. We will play our part in mitigating the threat of extreme climate change by implementing practical energy solutions. To do this we will treat energy as a valuable resource as well as reducing the proportion of energy consumed from fossil fuels by utilising onsite renewables in appropriate locations.This is a long term challenge that will require continual improvement.

You can now follow our carbon emissions story and the steps we are taking to reduce our impact:

What have we done so far?

  • Installed energy efficient lighting in our farm shop, stables restaurants, and some sections of Chatsworth House
  • Used hydroelectricity to help power the house since the 1890’s
  • Integrated ground source heating technology into the design of our Russian Cottage holiday accommodation
  • Developed a Biomass woodchip heating system for the estate office, gym, swimming pool, and 7 surrounding residential properties. Each year this avoids over 130 tonnes of CO2e emissions, or the same amount of carbon as would be produced to heat and power around 25 average UK homes

What’s next?

  • Energy efficiency ‘health checks’ being completed for all our major buildings
  • Further investments in energy saving technology
  • Continued development of our onsite Combined Heat & Power Energy Centre, to help heat and power the house, garden, shops and restaurants at Chatsworth
  • Exploring further renewables projects in appropriate locations