The garden, our day-to-day operations, and the many events we host at Chatsworth require considerable volumes of water and fortunately we have always been blessed with a ready supply. Three lakes dug above the house rely on gravity, an elaborate system of ponds, watercourse and pipes to deliver water where it is required.

Did you know the water used to flush our visitor toilets is fresh from the lakes above the house? It may not always be clear due to rainfall disturbing the lake bed but it is perfectly clean. Read more about the Chatsworth waterworks.

Nevertheless, as an important natural resource we always aim to take care to use water efficiently and effectively, particularly when utilising mains supplies.

What have we done so far?

  • Used water from our lakes above the house to flush visitor toilets
  • Introduced water saving urinal caps
  • Integrated waterless loos into the design for our outdoor education centre

What’s next?

  • Water ‘health checks’ being completed for all our major buildings
  • Further investments in water saving technology