More about the Masterplan

Chatsworth House might look like it will last forever - in fact it was purposefully designed to look this way, but like any building, it is fragile and requires constant care and attention. The most recent review of the building's structure and services in 2004 showed that major renewal work is needed to improve access and enjoyment for visitors, and to secure Chatsworth's future for the next 100 years and beyond.

What will the results of the Masterplan be?

  • Fewer stairs on the visitor route and full wheelchair access to all floors.
  • New spaces, restored interiors and more space for displays.
  • New water, heating and electricity services in the house.
  • Repaired and conserved stonework and carvings, inside and out.

When will the Masterplan be completed?

The Masterplan is a multi-phased project.

Who is involved in the Masterplan?

  • Hundreds of external contractors from around the country have joined Chatsworth's skilled in-house team.
  • A design team is overseeing the project, led by the Duke and Duchess. It includes the architect Peter Inskip, interiors expert David Milinaric and art historian Jonathan Bourne.
  • Head of Special Projects Sean Doxey is managing the project with Rupert Symmons at Fanshawe project management.
  • Mann Williams is the structural engineering company from Bath.
  • Historic building analysis has been carried out by Oliver Jessop, The Jessop Consultancy.