Friday 23 September



The Silk Roads: their impact on western culture and art

In a talk that transforms accepted ideas about the history of Europe and of European art, best- selling author, Peter Frankopan, takes us through the textiles, objects and materials that had a profound impact on the way that visual forms were expressed in the West. 

He explains how the ceramics industry of the Staffordshire Potteries was shaped by craftsmanship, techniques and materials from thousands of miles away; he shows how the Renaissance was formed on the back of increasing interaction with the regions of the Silk Roads; and he explains that Chatsworth itself – and its great collections – owe much to the shifts in the centre of global power that have a resonance to this very day.

Peter Frankopan is Director of the Centre for Byzantine Research at Oxford University and author of The Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller, The Silk Roads which The Daily Telegraph named History Book of the Year 2015.

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