First Duke's Greenhouse

The First Duke’s Greenhouse (1690s) is a long, low building with ten arched windows. The 4th Duke moved it from its original site north-east of the House to the northern edge of Salisbury Lawn and it is now fronted by the Rose Garden. The First Duke’s Greenhouse is shown in Kip and Kynff’s 1699 view of the garden.

Such buildings were first developed in Holland at the start of the 17th century and were called ‘greenhouses’ because they were originally used to house tender ‘greens’, or evergreens, during the winter. They were also often referred to as ‘orangeries’, because they were used in particular to grow citrus species and similar plants.

The First Duke’s Greenhouse, which is open to visitors, is one of the most important 17th century greenhouses surviving in England, and it now houses part of our Camellia collection.