Suggested walks

The trails in the park and Stand Wood are open to walkers throughout the year. Besides the suggested routes below, there are many other paths for you to discover and explore.

Park walks

Here are two routes from the Calton Lees car park. Download the map (pdf 227kb).

Walk 1

Circular walk to Calton Hollow 3km / 2.25 miles. Allow 1.5 hours. Sturdy shoes or walking boots.

Start: Calton Lees Car Park
1. Leave the car park at the bottom right hand corner and follow the lane past the Garden Centre towards Calton Lees.
2. Where the lane takes a sharp left, follow the track ahead through the gate (public bridleway sign) up the hill.
3. Just past the houses at the top, turn right through a gate. Follow the grassy bank at the top and cross the pasture to the left of the hay barn.
4. Go through the gate in the wall and follow the track through the wood to the gate into the park.
5. Turn right and follow the park wall to the small gate into the car park.

Walk 2

Circular Walk to Edensor 5km / 3 miles. Allow 2 hours. Sturdy shoes or walking boots.

Start: Calton Lees Car Park 
1. Leave the car park through the gate at the top right hand corner. Turn left along the park wall and follow it up the hill until you reach a track with a gate across it.
2. Turn right across the park, following the marked path towards the church spire. Keeping the churchyard to your right, follow the path to a small iron gate in a wall and some steps. 
3. Turn right through the village. 
4. Leave Edensor via the blue gates in front of the green and cross the road to join the path that goes over the hill to Chatsworth House. 
5. Cross the drive, but not the river, and turn right along the bank of the river. 
6. At the ruined mill, turn right up the hill to the gates on the road by the car park.

Stand Wood walks

The entrance to Stand wood is located by the farmyard and adventure playground and is indicated on the Welcome map provided at the car park entrance. Download the map (pdf 2.5mb).