Business Studies, Leisure and Tourism Tours at Chatsworth

The Chatsworth Estate is a major Derbyshire employer and a national visitor attraction which catered for 622,000 visits in 2015.

Chatsworth is a great venue for BSLT study; students will be given the opportunity to see at first hand the operational workings of all aspects of the enterprise, from customer service to catering, retailing, human resources and marketing.

Our knowledgeable guides provide a wealth of information on the day and encourage much interaction from students - we like lots of questions! Our tours deliver an overview of the business providing information on marketing and customer analysis. As we progress through the visitor route, we explore operational issues such as access, security, retailing opportunities and customer service.

The whole session should last approximately 1.5 hours after which you are free to explore the gardens, restaurants, cafes and shops at your leisure.

A minimum tour charge applies of £150.


Please do not hesitate to email us or call us on 01246 565300 to discuss your visit and enable it to meet your curriculum needs.