The 9th Duke of Devonshire suffered a stroke in 1925 which permanently affected his brain. He changed from being the most easy going, good humoured man to an irritable old gentleman, but he loved babies and little children as can be seen in this photograph from a family album.

From left to right: Peter Baillie, 9th Duke of Devonshire holding Sarah MacMillan, Anne Cavendish, John Cobbold, Elizabeth Cavendish, Catherine Macmillan, Judith Baillie, John Stuart, Michael Baillie, David Stuart, Carol Macmillan, Jean and Pamela Cobbold, Maurice Macmillan,  Andrew Cavendish, Arbell Mackintosh and William Cavendish. 

In the album there is a note that "Philippa [Hunloke] was too young to come".

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