The 12th Duke of Devonshire and the Duchess commissioned various leading contemporary British artists to produce these sculptures for the park. As well as contemporary pieces of art, the sculptures also act as fences for the annual International Horse Trials that take place at Chatsworth.

The sculptures not only have to fulfill the requirements of a cross-country fence but must also form an original and attractive work of art that sits in the landscape and provides pleasure for walkers in the park for years to come. The Duke stated,

"My wife and I have a long-standing interest in contemporary sculpture and, with our involvement in horses and eventing, we thought it would be a good idea to combine these interests by commissioning works of art.

When choosing an artist, we look for people who are intrigued by the particular requirements of the commission and who respond positively to the landscape of the park. The exact position, materials and scale of the fence is agreed between the artist and the course-designer so that it becomes a safe, effective - and fascinating -addition to the cross-country course."

The sculptures in the series are:
• 'Lovers seat' by Alison Crowther
• 'The Two Graces' by Allen Jones
• 'Pegasus' by Tim Harrisson
• 'Two column jump' by David Nash
• 'Epona's Leap' by Nigel Ross

All of these sculptures can be seen in the grounds of Chatsworth.

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