Interesting Times: cartooning recent political earthquakes for The Times

Sunday 23 September | 2.30pm–3.30pm

Award-winning political cartoonist Peter Brookes’s lastest book is called Interesting Times and, with subjects such as Trump, Corbyn, Brexit, May and Macron, who could argue with that? But then, as Peter writes in the introduction to this book (the latest of many): “The greater the political chaos, the richer our material.”

Peter will be in conversation with Ann Treneman, who for 12 years was the award winning political sketchwriter for The Times, discussing his fascinating work and, of course, Interesting Times.

Peter will show slides of some of his “favourite” targets and, also, doing some live drawing. But there is much more to his work than meets the eye: before he even puts pen (or, in his case. brush) to paper, he must devise not only what he wants a cartoon to say but how he is going to portray his subjects. There are many politicians who freely admit that it is Peter who ends up defining them in the public eye. Thus Ed Milliband will always be seen as Wallace and Ed Balls as Grommit. Nick Clegg cannot shake off the image of him as a public school fag to a cherry-cheeked David Cameron in Eton suit and Union Jack waistcoat. But while Peter’s drawings are often hilarious, there are also subjects, such as Syria, where he can be fearless in making his point of view known.

Peter has been creating cartoons for The Times since 1992 and has won the British Press Awards Cartoonist of the Year prize eight times, mostly recently this year. Last year he received a Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Cartoon Art Trust. He was awarded a CBE in the New Year’s Honours list.


Banner image: Peter Brookes copyright The Times and Ann Treneman