An outdoor sculpture exhibition

Join us as we shine a spotlight on art and nature through the creation of ‘viewpoints’; points of interest on the Duke and Duchess’ favourite walks that may take you to new corners of the garden or offer familiar favourites from a new perspective. 

Our existing sculpture collection, featuring many of the leading lights of post-war sculpture such as Antony Gormley, Elisabeth Frink, Allen Jones, Angela Conner, Michael Craig-Martin, Nic Fiddian-Green and Barry Flanagan including pieces rarely seen in public, is centre stage and positioned in response to the landscape; the garden being a sculpture itself having been shaped, built, planted and hewn from the Derbyshire landscape. 

As part of the exhibition our 2018 artist-in-residence, Linder Sterling, created a temporary installation Bower of Bliss in response to Queen Mary's Bower in the park.

Your point of view

Use our specially created way finder and digital map as a springboard for exploring the garden and to find your own, alternative view. Once at the ‘viewpoint’ you might look outwards, but you might also scan upwards, or peer downwards. 

We encourage you to enjoy a more expansive vista, share stories on the curious and the not-so-obvious; the sounds, the scents, the natural and the manmade; while celebrating sculpture in all its forms.

Curator tours

12, 19 or 26 October | 11am

Join on to one of our curator-led tours, a two-hour guided tour around the exhibition where you will hear stories about the artists and their work, prompting discussion and interaction.

This experience includes entry to the Chatsworth Garden plus a drink and cake from Flora's Temple tea shop. The tour will begin in the Hartington Room, with entry through the Cavendish restaurant in the Stables.

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Family tours

30 October or 1 November | 11am

Our experts will guide young visitors around the exhibition - a fun and child-friendly way to explore the link created between the landscape and sculpture during Chatsworth Outdoors and a perfect half-term activity.

This experience includes entry to the Chatsworth Garden plus a drink and cake from Flora's Temple tea shop. The tour will begin at the top garden gate.

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We have a collection of hotels, inns, cottages and restaurants on and around the Chatsworth Estate that will make your visit that little bit more comfortable and special. Visit our website to find out more and to book online.

David Nash, Forms That Grow in the Night, 2008-09; Stone garden urn on the Green Drive; Thomas Campbell, A monumental bronze bust of the 6th Duke of Devonshire, 1832-45

Banner image: Allen Jones, Screen

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