For the first time, we have taken many of our glasshouse plants outside and created what will hopefully be an amazing tropical style border outside the Orangery shop.

During the last few summers the borders have been planted with a selection of annuals, but we wanted to try something much more exciting and colourful to create a splash as you leave the house. Included are plants from New Zealand, Spain, Mexico and the Canary Islands, including palms, ornamental bananas, cordylines, Eucalyptus, ginger lilies and even the ‘Cavendish Dwarf Banana’ named after the Cavendish family here at Chatsworth, which can also be seen growing in the Display Glasshouse.

Most of the plants are not hardy outside all year so will be lifted, cut back, potted and stored in our glasshouses over the winter, ready to be planted out after next spring’s Tulip display. Unfortunately we have had a couple of cold nights since planting out the borders so many plants are showing signs of this on their foliage, but some sunshine, rain and regular feeding should mean they all quickly recover and fill the border.

Steve Porter

Head of Gardens and Domain

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