We would like to thank all those who took part in the Christmas Markets over the last two weeks in very difficult weather conditions.

Sunday 25 November was an unprecedented day and extremely heavy rainfall and flooding meant we had to take the decision to cancel the event. We had made a significant investment into improving car parking in the park, which allowed us to park up to 1000 vehicles on the day, however flooding prevented our use of other areas that we normally utilise for such events, meaning car parking was severely restricted.

Due to the short time frame we did still receive a large number of visitors who were unaware of the cancellation. The markets were subsequently opened, but the car parking areas reached capacity at a very early stage in the day, meaning we were not able to park any more cars. A decision was therefore taken not to re-advertise the opening of the markets for the safety and enjoyment of our visitors. We realise this meant a large number of visitors missed out on the opportunity to enjoy the Christmas Markets, which we very much regret.

We sincerely apologise for any confusion and disappointment that this may have caused, and will be investigating ways in which to improve the event for the future.

Ted Cadogan
Chief Operating Officer

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