It's official - 195 kilograms of mini foiled Easter eggs have been ordered, ready for the Easter egg hunts/trails at the farmyard. The number of Easter egg hunts/trails have been extended by popular demand to the whole of the Easter week end, Friday-Monday.

When the eggs arrive they will be kept under lock and key and password protected until the weekend. No one is trusted within a two metre radius of the eggs, the temptation is too great. They will then be scattered, hidden, shared and eaten over the four days.

How many mini eggs do you think we will get for 195kg? Visit the farmyard at Easter and tell us what you think and eat a few yourselves-I will.

So for the next few weeks I will be sorting and counting eggs, ordering lots of ribbon, tissue paper, cutting out bunny ears for the craft sessions, checking out the Easter bunny, printing the trail, hiding the golden eggs, decorating the trailer…. I think I need chocolate to keep me going!

Check out our Whats on page for all the eggsiting events planned in the house garden and farmyard.

Cheryl Burfield

Farmyard and Adventure Playground

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