Hour by hour the house is changing as lights and baubles go on Christmas trees and the displays on the Christmas route start to take shape.

The place settings are almost finished for the banquet in the Great Dining Room, where the gardeners have now completed their fabulous table decorations.

In the Sculpture Gallery, George and Mark are working on the dais for the Narnian thrones, where we are looking forward to watching the visitors pretend that they too are Kings and Queens of Narnia. Meanwhile, the Narnian theme is extending into the shops, which are already richly stocked with Christmas goodies.

Tomorrow, we are anticipating the completion of Mr and Mrs Beaver’s Lodge, and the decoration of Mr Tumnus’s home.

Stay tuned for more!

Christine Robinson
Head Housekeeper

'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' at Chatsworth
9 November - 23 December 2013
Included with admission to the house

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