It was fantastic to see so many enthusiastic guests equipped with brollies and winter coats brave the elements yesterday for the opening of the Chatsworth Renewable Energy Centre (CREC). As we partnered with the Alfreton Grange Arts College Environmental Action Group to help with the launch, student members of the group were chosen to share ideas on the topic of sustainability and the benefits of the CREC on the day.

Izzy Wardby, one of the students who had shown real passion and dedication for the project, was invited to cut the ribbon with Lord Burlington, Chair of the Devonshire Group Environmental Committee.

Conversations and networking continued long into the afternoon, bringing together a community of individuals dedicated to moving forwards to a more sustainable future. The Peak District is fast becoming a hub of green knowledge!

Luke Sherlock
Sustainability Manager

More about the Chatsworth Renewable Energy Centre

As a ground-breaking combined heat and power gasification system, the Chatsworth Renewable Energy centre, fuelled by sustainably managed woodlands on the estate, is expected to provide the house, stables and a number of greenhouses in the garden with 97% of electrical and 72% of heat requirements, as well as cutting 1300+ tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

If you wish to learn more you can visit the centre which is located in the garden (included in entry to the house and garden) to enjoy the interactive displays and video that help to illustrate how Chatsworth is continuing its long history of energy innovation and is increasing its use of energy from renewable sources.

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