The Birds Of Christmas To Come

The estate farm shop team are delighted to offer some of the best poultry available this Christmas. The emphasis this year has been to not only source locally, but to also surpass the high quality achieved in previous years. All their efforts have culminated in the estate farm shop being able to offer the ‘best of the best’

Free range organic turkeys

Paul Kelly and his family have been producing top quality Christmas turkeys since 1971. In 1983, fed-up with the march of tasteless supermarket factory bred white feathered birds, Paul’s father travelled the country collecting the last remaining stocks of pure-bred bronze turkeys, a total of only 350 birds. This was the start of the now famous KellyBronze brand. These birds provide a mild gamey flavour, very close to the taste of a true wild turkey. 

Traditional free range white & bronze turkeys

Produced just across the border in Cheshire, the Bailey family are supplying the estate farm shop, as they have for many years, with traditional turkeys this Christmas. Jim Bailey started rearing turkeys way back in 1952, since then the business has been taken on by his children and grown to be one of the most respected across the Midlands and the North-West.
The breeds grown are all slow maturing, which guarantees a fine grained texture and superb ‘traditional’ Christmas flavour.






Free range geese

This year’s Christmas geese have been sourced from Goodman’s Geese. The farm is nestled in the hills near the village of Great Whitley in the Worcestershire countryside and the goose enterprise was set up by Judy Goodman in the 1970s. It is now run by her two equally passionate sons, Mike and Andrew. The geese are reared inside until four weeks old when they are let out to graze in large grassland paddocks. Their diets are supplemented only with wheat grown on the farm.





Free range duck 

The ducks this year are being supplied by Adlingtons. Established in 1956 by his grandparents, Rod Adlington supplies a wide range of exemplary, high quality poultry to the British fine food market. The estate farm shop ducks will be the traditional, plump, Aylesbury breed.

Chatsworth three bird roast

This year we are preparing our own three bird roasts. This is a turkey stuffed with duck and guinea fowl, layered with stuffing. It is superbly presented and remains remarkably succulent throughout roasting due to the layer of duck breast.

For further information or to place an order, please contact the estate farm shop. Either by visiting the order desk in the shop or calling us on 01246 565 411 ext. 8.

For Boxing Day lunch, why not try our recipe for a turkey salad, perfect for any leftover turkey.

Boxing Day turkey salad

~600g Cooked turkey - diced

~300g Feta cheese - diced

~300g Cherry tomatoes - halved

~4 tbsp. Andres dressing

~2 tbsp. Chatsworth Boxing Day chutney

Small handful fresh basil - torn

Salt & black pepper

In a large bowl, gently stir all the ingredients together, until fully combined and season.
Serve on a bed of chopped Romaine lettuce with either chips or a jacket potato. Serves six.

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