On perhaps the foggiest day of the year we had an incredible 91 volunteers brave the conditions for the 5th Annual Chatsworth Litter pick. Led by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, volunteers gathered at the Estate Office at 8am for the traditional hot drinks and bacon butties before setting out as teams on 25 different litter picking routes.

221 bags of litter were picked during the morning, with over 30 miles covered by our volunteers along the country roads, lanes, and paths of the estate and surrounding countryside. Along with the usual crisp packets, coke bottles, and larger items such as hub caps and all manner of car parts, some of the stranger items to be found included a jar of pickled cockles and a sandwich toaster – next year we’re thinking of introducing a prize for the strangest item!

On a more serious note, it’s really sad to find that litter is still such a persistent problem in these beautiful areas of countryside and it’s not just something our teams have to address at this once a year event – our park and domain team are regularly working to remove litter from the estate. It’s not just unsightly but can be damaging to wildlife.

If you want to get involved in litter picking in the future why not join the Chatsworth Litter Pickers on the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s Litter Action website,http://www.litteraction.org.uk/chatsworth-litter-pickers, or find a group which is nearer to your home. Over the last five years we’ve removed nearly 1000 bags of litter and next year we hope to have over 100 volunteers to help us build on this past successes!

A huge thank you must go out to all the volunteers who had to negotiate the foggy conditions on the day, but a special thanks must be made to the Chatsworth domain team who worked tirelessly in this difficult weather to cover all of the routes with their collection vehicles, removing and processing all of the bags throughout the day.

Luke Sherlock Rebecca Mothersole
Sustainability Manager Trainee Land Agent

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