The outdoor concerts at Chatsworth are approaching and we are all getting excited. Part of the magic of the concerts is being able to enjoy a tasty gourmet picnic on the lawn. Now we all know food tastes better eaten outside on a summer's evening, so why not come to Chatsworth Farm Shop to pick up some scrumptious food for the occasion.

A bottle of wine is a must for any picnic, and we have a great selection to choose from, but if you’re not a wine lover then there is a wide range of beer, cider and soft drinks to try (our pre-mixed gin and tonics are great). Visit the deli for some of our home cooked meats, pies, quiches, scotch eggs and tartlets. If you’d like to add a Mediterranean feel to the picnic, our olive bar has a selection of over 10 varieties of olives and antipasti. There are also over 100 cheeses to choose from, but if that sounds daunting, you could try our cheese of the month which we pick for a perfect cheese board.

The best part of any picnic is dessert (my favourite). Our bakery produces a range of appetising cakes, from rich chocolate cake to creamy lemon and lime cheesecakes - I’m sure there’s something to tempt you as a naughty treat!

My favourite picnic items include:
  • Black Bomber extra mature cheddar and crispy Swedish crisp bread
  • Chatsworth pork pie or chicken and ham pie
  • Chatsworth boiled ham
  • Holly’s Derbyshire made Scotch egg
  • Fresh punnet of strawberries with double cream
  • Belvoir elderflower pressé
  • Picnic cutlery set
These are just a few of the food delights at the farm shop, so come and have a look and pick out your perfect picnic.

Don’t forget your picnic blanket and corkscrew!

Richard Foster
Farm Shop Assistant Manager

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