Here in the working farmyard at Chatsworth, we currently have ten lambs, six born at the end of March, and four born at the end of February.

The breeds are a mixture of Mule cross, Suffolk cross, rouge cross and one Jacob, and when they have been taken away from their mothers they are called ‘cade’ (orphan) lambs. The reason we're looking after them instead of their mums is because ewes (female sheep) are not always able to look after all of their lambs. Ewes have two teats with which to feed their lambs, and if they have more than two lambs, the weakest lamb (or lambs) often don't get enough milk, so it is better to bottle feed them.

When they leave the farmyard, some lambs are sold on for breeding or to be fattened for meat. If they stay at the farmyard, they will stay until they are six or seven months old, and then they will be sold as meat in the farm shop.

Cheryl Burfield
Education Co-ordinator, Farmyard

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