Perched on the hillside 400 feet above Chatsworth stands the Hunting Tower – what a fabulous location for a holiday cottage! I love to think of the variety of people who must have passed through its doors over the last 450 years. We have been busy spring cleaning the Tower ready for this season’s holiday-makers, and this year the work has involved the replacement of the top 15 feet of the flagpole, which had become rotten and allowed water to drain right through to the base of the flagpole socket and damage the ceiling in the rooms below. Redecorating the rooms is now completed, and the 40 foot high scaffold on top of the Tower is due to be dismantled today so that everything will be in order for the visitors arriving to stay in the Tower next week. The views from the roof are truly amazing, but I’m glad I wasn’t the one required to go to the top of the scaffolding!

Christine Robinson

Head Housekeeper

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