In October 2014, the Devonshire Educational Trust (DET) received a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) to enable education visitors to explore the impact that World War I had on the Chatsworth estate. This created an exciting new collaborative project using research from the Devonshire Collection and archives. The project included an outreach programme and a special event to commemorate the anniversary of Gallipoli with local primary schools.

The Chatsworth in Wartime teachers' resources pack (PDF, 860Kb) will help you to discover what happened at Chatsworth during the first and second world wars.

If you require any further information on the project, please don't hesitate to contact our education team via

Secondary schools outreach programme

In 2015, we embarked on a new outreach programme designed for year 7–9 pupils. We found a range of interesting materials from the Chatsworth archives centred around World War I to create engaging resource packs and to help bring the stories from the estate to life.

Our education team visited classrooms and introduced the story of Chatsworth, the Cavendish family and World War I, providing each group of pupils with a resource pack to examine and read. They were then set the task to use the materials we have provided to research this area in the wider context of the war and eventually produced a presentation that was delivered later that year.

The programme was designed to support research and presentation skills using engaging and identifiable stories from World War I.

If you require any further information about this project, please don't hesitate to contact our education team via

Devonshire Educational Trust

The Devonshire Educational Trust (DET) is an independent charity that works in partnership with the Chatsworth House Trust to provide educational opportunities across the Devonshire Group.

The charity was established in 2004 to enhance the educational experiences of children and young people visiting the Chatsworth Estate. We now provide educational opportunities across the Devonshire Group and offer diverse and accessible educational opportunities; from learning about matters of historical, artistic and architectural interest, to learning about the countryside and rural landscape.

Through guided, self-guided and specialist education packages, the Devonshire Educational Trust provides quality education that reaches and inspires all backgrounds and abilities.

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