Portraits and identity

Our new arts engagement session, Portraits and Identity, connects to the exhibition Life Stories. During these sessions your pupils will visit the Life Stories exhibition in the house and explore ideas about self-identity and representation. Back at the learning centre, they will respond to the exhibition through individual and group drawing and image making activities.

Session content links to curriculum content for key stages 2 to 5 (Art and Design, English and PSHE). There are creative learning opportunities for students in Post-16 education, to support a range of visual art courses.

The Royal Forestry Society Teaching Trees programme

Our new partnership with The Royal Forestry Society’s Teaching Trees programme offers schools the chance to discover the wonder of woodlands and all that goes on there. Chatsworth sessions will be led by Jenny Everitt, an experienced primary teacher and outdoor learning practitioner. Themes covered include ‘Marvellous Minibeasts’, ‘from Seed to Timber’ (understanding the life cycle of a tree) and ‘Treasure Hunters’ (learning how to identify the beautiful variety of trees in the Chatsworth Woodlands).

Session content links to curriculum content for EYFS and key stages 1 and 2.