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Primary - further education | 1 hour

Our education team are delighted to offer Christmas art workshops as an introduction to our forthcoming 2019 Art Education Programme, utilising our new learning centre, The Old Potting Shed. These workshops can be tailored to suit your learners age and level, incorporating creative thinking, drawing and imagination.

Primary education
Primary school pupils will have the opportunity to explore character development using their imaginations through illustrative drawing.

Secondary, further & higher education
Students will have the opportunity to explore character development and storytelling, through illustration techniques.

For further and higher education, the workshops can be adjusted to the course and learner requirements. There will be references made to narrative, storytelling and sequential image techniques utilised by authors, film producers, screenwriters and illustrators.

How to book

This workshop is included with education visits to the house during Christmas, but must be booked in advance. 

Add the workshop to your booking form when booking your house visit. Alternatively, email the bookings team directly or phone them on 01246 565 430.

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