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Chatsworth has been handed down 16 generations of the Cavendish family. It is a family home, a working farm and a living landscape. The house, many of its contents and 737 hectares (1822 acres) of the surrounding landscape are leased to a registered charity, the Chatsworth House Trust, established in 1981. The 12th Duke and Duchess pay rent to the charity to live at Chatsworth and work with the charity and others to welcome Chatsworth’s visitors.

Every penny of visitor admission goes directly to the Chatsworth House Trust, which is dedicated to the long-term preservation of Chatsworth House, the art collection, garden, woodlands and park for the long term benefit of the public. The charity promotes the study and appreciation of Chatsworth as a place of historic, architectural and artistic interest and of natural beauty, and encourages the use and enjoyment of Chatsworth by visitors for education and recreation.

The charity continues to care for Chatsworth and a £32.7 million restoration project, known as the ‘Masterplan’, which began in 2008 is enabling visitors to experience the house, garden and estate as never seen before. This work and other essential projects can only happen thanks to the continuing support of visitors and Friends of Chatsworth.

Annual review

The Chatsworth House Trust annual review highlights the activities undertaken by the team to meet the charitable objectives of the Trust. It also serves to illustrate the diverse and exceptional work the organisation undertakes and celebrates a highly successful year.

Chatsworth is undergoing a major project of essential restoration and development

Chatsworth is undergoing a major project of essential restoration and development

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History of Chatsworth

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