Throughout its history, Chatsworth has played a role in many aspects of life in Derbyshire.

We have always been very aware of what the estate means to people, the impact it has on communities, and the responsibility we have, as custodians, to care for it.

We feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with the many wonderful people who are committed to helping preserve Chatsworth for the long-term benefit of the public.

This commitment to a shared future extends beyond the estate, in to local communities, the county, and the environment, and is embodied in our core values of always improving, decency, and being inclusive.

The following pages explain more about our our core purpose and the goals we have set for the next 10 years, to help ensure Chatsworth benefits as many people as possible.

The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire - 2019

Since launching this initiative we have faced unprecedented challenges, which have seen us working more closely with our local communities than ever before. I’m proud to say that our core purpose and our vision and values only grow in relevance and remain fundamental to our decision making. 

With long-term targets, change is often incremental. But we now have a strong picture of our direction of travel, and there are many successes to be proud of. Not only have we developed the skills base required to measure progress against our targets but, crucially, we continue to embed this valuable data into our long-term planning.

Looking forwards, we will be making sure our goals grow with us and adapt to a changing world. For instance, our environmental targets will be revised in 2024, so that they remain aligned with our transition to net zero carbon emissions. We will continue to review all of our targets to ensure they remain ambitious, benefiting our heritage, our people and our shared future.

Andrew Lavery, Chief Financial Officer, Devonshire Group - February 2024

Our core purpose

Our core purpose was created based on the premise that the future of every part of the Devonshire Group is intrinsically linked to the future of our local communities, employees, visitors, suppliers, and partners.

If these groups thrive, then so will the Devonshire Group, and vice-versa. By working together towards a prosperous shared future, we will all benefit.

Our purpose is broken down in to three areas:

  • To preserve, restore and enhance our heritage assets for future generations.
  • To be a significant contributor to the economic, environmental and social wellbeing of our community and the communities around us, enhancing the lives of those that live and work on or around the estates and delighting those that visit these inspiring places.
  • To be seen as a leader, nationally and internationally, in the way we go about what we do, look after our people and our visitors and contribute to our local communities.

We will share updates of our progress with you, and seek your input and support, and welcome your thoughts and suggestions

For further information on our commitment to our shared future, please contact us:

  • by phone - 01246 565 400 ext 22117
  • by email -

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