Remember yor kynde and louyng fader an yor prayers
Pray for your louyng fader that gave you this book and I geve you att tymes godds blessy[n]g and myne

Signed by Henry VII, this prayer book includes the autograph notes above recording his gift of the book to his daughter, Margaret Tudor (Queen of Scots 1504–1541). Margaret Tudor's own daughter Lady Margaret Douglas (1515–1578), names herself in a subsequent inscription presenting the book to the archbishop of St Andrew's.

The manuscript was acquired in 1718 by Field-Marshal George Wade (1673–1748) and given by him in 1723 to Richard Boyle, third Earl of Burlington (1695–1753), in thanks for designing Wade's house.

It passed with Burlington's estate to William Cavendish (1720–1764), later the 4th Duke of Devonshire, as a result of his marriage to Lord Burlington's daughter, Lady Charlotte Boyle, in 1748.

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