Mounted games

The Pony Club Mounted Games were started over 40 years ago by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and The Prince Phillip Cup, in collaboration with the Pony Club. The Mounted Games is a team competition requiring courage, determination and all-round riding ability on the part of the team members, as well as careful systematic training of their ponies.

The Senior Teams you see competing at Chatsworth are likely to be competing at their Area competitions, from which winners reach the final at the Horse of the Year where they compete for the Prince Phillip Cup.

Team show jumping

The competition will be run in the Chatsworth Arena in accordance with The Pony Club Show Jumping Rules 2017. Each team will consist of 3 or 4 members, none of whom have reached their 21st birthday by the day of the competition.

Three scores to count per team. All members of each team will jump consecutively. One round to be jumped by each team member. Team members will jump in order as per the entry form. Each team will jump the course once and the winning team will be the one who has the least number of faults, with the best three scores in each team to count.

In the event of equality of faults, there will be a jump-off over a shortened course in which the whole team will participate. This will be against the clock.

Class 1: 80cm
Class 2: 1m