To enable social distancing and help protect our visitors and colleagues, we've implemented new safety measures across the estate. As a Learning Outside the Classroom accredited site, we have also completed a Kaddi risk assessment.


A STEAM learning destination

Our programme of arts engagement and outdoor learning is focused on treasures from the collection and the built and natural environment allowing for the integration of the arts and creativity into STEM based learning. STEM + Art = STEAM

All learning sessions are curriculum linked and hands-on, meeting a broad range of needs and learning styles. Arts engagement sessions are designed to enhance visual literacy and develop technical and creative skills, while outdoor learning sessions include a range of multisensory activities designed to develop environmental literacy. 

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For more information about our learning sessions and to discuss curriculum links, email us at or call us on 01246 565430 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

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Our committment to our shared future

At Chatsworth, we believe that working with our local communities, employees, visitors, suppliers and partners will help us all thrive. We have 10 goals that we have set for the next 10 years, to help us fulfil our core purpose as part of the Devonshire Group. One of these goals is to:

Enable every child in local schools to experience our estates as part of their primary education, reaching every school through physical visits onsite or our virtual presence in schools.

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Devonshire Educational Trust

The Devonshire Educational Trust (Charity No. 1107405) is an independent charity that works in partnership with the Chatsworth House Trust, Bolton Abbey Estate and Lismore Castle to provide learning opportunities across the Devonshire Group. The charity was established in 2004 and exists to ensure that learning excellence and opportunities take place at Chatsworth, Bolton Abbey and Lismore Castle and are available offsite through outreach work and digital programmes.

Our vision

Making a positive difference to people’s lives by inspiring a love and understanding of art, heritage and the environment

Our mission

We create learning opportunities across the Devonshire Group, enriched by the essential qualities of our estates, to inspire current and future generations and affect how they live in and think about the world around them.