Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning sessions take place in the farmyard, Stickyard and Stand wood. They include a range of multisensory and hands-on activities to develop environmental literacy. Farmyard sessions last between 30 minutes and one hour. All other outdoor learning sessions last 1.5 hours.

Caring for animals (spring and summer)

Visit must include the farmyard

An interactive one-hour session based in the Oak Barn looking at and handling small animals such as guinea pigs, hens, chicks and lambs or goat kids.

Bottle feeding a lamb or goat kid will be included.

Curriculum link: understanding the world

Seasonal changes: Preparing for winter (autumn only)

Visit must include the farmyard

A one-hour tour around the farmyard looking at how we prepare the farmyard and animals for winter. This will include cows and their dry period, chickens, their egg laying cycle and the life cycle of sheep. We also look at how we adapt their habitat and nutritional requirements to cope with the changing seasons.

Curriculum link: understanding the world

Plan your visit


For more information about our learning sessions and to discuss curriculum links, email us at education@chatsworth.org or call us on 01246 565341.