Our learning resources have been adapted from sessions that we usually deliver onsite at Chatsworth, Bolton Abbey or Lismore Castle, for you to use in your classroom, at home, or, where it is safe and possible to do so.

Our resources are organised around the age of your child/children, and refer to key stages and curriculum links if that is helpful to you. You will find a number or resources that will encourage pupils/children/learners to learn a little about Chatsworth while developing knowledge and skills in Art, Science, History, English, Geography, PSHE topics and outdoor learning.

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For teachers

Sometimes we are guided towards thinking about and looking at things in certain ways. This can manipulate our opinions.  Artists often use techniques to focus the eye and trick the mind. When we are guided to see things in certain ways, we think about them differently. Being able to recognise those tricks and techniques gives us control over what we see and allows us to form our own opinions about design, adverts and artworks.

Here you will find several diversity resources designed for use in the classroom to prompt debate and activities celebrating diversity and linking to various areas of the curriculum.

STEAM learning destinations

Our programme of arts engagement and outdoor learning supports the integration of the arts and creativity into STEM based learning. STEM + Art = STEAM

All learning sessions are curriculum linked and hands-on, meeting a broad range of needs and learning styles. Arts engagement sessions are designed to enhance visual literacy and develop technical and creative skills, while outdoor learning sessions include a range of multisensory activities designed to develop environmental literacy. 

Devonshire Educational Trust

The Devonshire Educational Trust is an independent charity working in partnership with the Chatsworth House Trust and the Bolton Abbey and Lismore Castle estates.

Our vision: ‘Making a positive difference to people’s lives by inspiring a love and understanding of art, heritage and the environment.’

Our Mission: ‘We create learning opportunities across the Devonshire Group, enriched by the essential qualities of our estates, to inspire current and future generations and affect how they live in and think about the world around them.’