The cutting garden: A tour with Becky Crowley

Sunday 22 September | 11.15am and 1.20pm | 30 minutes | Kitchen Garden

Explore the Chatsworth Cutting Garden, part of the beautiful and productive Kitchen Garden, with Chatsworth Gardener and floral expert Becky as your guide. She will lead you through her favourite flowers and let you peek into the development of the garden.

Becky Crowley in the cutting garden credit Naomi Wood

More about Becky Crowley

Passionate and knowledgeable, Becky Crowley looks after the cut flower garden at Chatsworth, which has positioned her with an international following as one of the top gardeners to follow on Instagram, inspiring thousands with her insights and experience of the cut flower.

After training at art school, Becky has been heading up the cut flower operations at Chatsworth for five years - her dream job growing and surrounding herself by the beauty of tulips, peonies, delphiniums and lupines. Her work at Chatsworth has seen her collaborate with other growers and appear on TV most recently BBC1’s Gardener’s World. 

Banner image: Flowers from the Chatsworth Cutting Garden by Becky Crowley