1. Do you offer a discount for car-free travel?

Yes. If you travel to Chatsworth by bus, train or bicycle, you can save £5 on your ticket to the house, garden and farmyard. Full details available here

2. The date I want to book appears grey on the calendar.

Dates that are grey on the calendar are fully booked. Please try booking a different date.

3. The date and time I want to book appear available, but the website says there aren't enough tickets.

If the text below the calendar notes that there aren't enough tickets, that means there are less tickets available than are in your party on that date or time. Please try booking a different date or time.

4. I can't view the entire calendar on my mobile.

If the entire calendar isn't appearing on your mobile, try swiping left while on the calendar. Alternatively, turn your mobile on it's side.

5. I am choosing my address from the dropdown, but can't proceed in the booking process.

Please try this four step process:

  1. Enter your post code
  2. Click 'Find address'
  3. Choose your address from the dropdown
  4. Click 'Select address'
6. My American Express payment won't go through.

At present our payment provider cannot process payments from American Express cards. We expect the problem to be solved soon and apologise for any inconvenience.


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