1. Why have you changed the scheme?

We continually review feedback from Friends and we are keen to make the scheme better for all. Feedback highlighted that we needed to review parking payments for Silver Friends and paying full price for event tickets, especially when these tickets include attraction entry. In addition to this, the scheme had evolved to become very complex, with over 60 different possible membership options! Simplifying these options will allow us to provide a better service to our Friends.

2. Why can’t I gift aid on the new scheme?

Unfortunately, the terms of the Gift Aid scheme are very strict and they limit the value of the benefits we can offer members. Including car parking as part of the new scheme exceeds this limit.

3. Why is the discount only available to Silver Friends?

We are aware that there is a significant jump in price from the old silver membership prices to the new prices. We feel that if we can support Friends with some of this cost, it will enable them to experience the full range of benefits that are now included in their new Friends membership, and we hope that they will see the value in investing in the scheme in subsequent years at the full rate. There is an increased range of benefits in the new scheme compared to the old gold membership, and there is very little difference in the price.

4. Will I still receive tickets for the horse trials, country fair and summer garden party?

Yes, we will email you 4–6 weeks before each event with details of how to download your complimentary tickets.

5. How many children can I bring?

Family memberships now include all of the adult member's children or grandchildren between the ages of 3-16.

6. Why do I have to buy a family membership if I only have one child?

With a simplified scheme it is not possible to offer a bespoke membership for each type of family group. We hope that the family membership will suit the needs of most families with children. The new scheme is designed to be open and welcoming, and in the spirit of this, where you bring a single child we would be happy to welcome one or two additional child guests free of charge whenever they visit with you.

7. Does everyone on the membership need to live at the same address?

No, however each membership has a lead member. We will send all communication about the membership (letters and email) to this member.

8. Why have you stopped offering the guest membership?

Feedback from Friends showed that guests on a membership were confusing and restrictive as people often wanted to bring more than one. We have introduced discounted guest tickets in its place, allowing Chatsworth Friends to bring additional family and friends when they visit.

9. Will Friends discounted guest tickets be available online or at the gate?

We would always advise you to book both your own cardholder tickets and any guest tickets online in advance, especially for the house when you will need to ensure both bookings are for the same timeslot. However subject to availability, you will be able to purchase discounted guest tickets on arrival.

10. Which events will I get a discount on? Are there any events that are excluded?

You will be able to purchase discounted event tickets for all events that are run by Chatsworth, this includes the following: bonfire, garden theatre, Shine a Light, catering events, including those held at the farm shop, guided walks, experience days, garden experience days and family events. The discount will not apply to events that are run by third parties such as Luna Cinema and Chatsworth Players.

11. Can I use the event discount to purchase event tickets for my guests?

Unfortunately this discount is only for members. You will need to produce your membership card on arrival.

12. Can I have a refund on my car park vouchers?

Yes, please return any unused vouchers to us for a refund.

13. Can I upgrade to the new membership before my renewal date?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible. It is only possible to convert to the new membership options when you are invited to renew your membership.

14. Can I backdate my membership to stay on the old scheme?

Unfortunately, this will not be possible. From 1 April 2022 we will no longer offer gold or silver membership on renewal.

15. I was a silver friend, but my membership has lapsed, can I get the discount if I backdate my membership?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. The silver conversion discount is only available at the point of renewal to existing silver Friends.

16. Can a Friend on the gold or silver scheme amend their membership?

Yes, however in most instances you may be better to wait until your membership is due for renewal.


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