Bread and Cheese of the month

This month, we have paired a mature organic Lancashire cheese from Leagram Organic dairy with a carrot and malted wheat flake sourdough.

The mature Lancashire is made by hand using local organic cows milk and traditional methods. It is left to mature for at least six months making it beautifully creamy, but with a sharp citrus aftertone. We have placed it with an unusual but delicious sourdough bread that contains carrot and malted wheat. The slight sweetness of the carrots goes very nicely with the sharpness of the cheese creating a wonderful combination.


The perfect loaf

At the estate farm shop, all of our traditional loaves and rolls are made on site at the farm shop by our skilled bread bakers. Working overnight they produce over 30,000 loaves of bread, 80,000 bread rolls and 32,000 scones per year.

We use the same recipes we have always used and hand knead the dough to ensure the perfect loaf is ready for you at 9am each morning.

Our speciality breads and sourdoughs are produced by Wye bakery who are based in Bakewell just over a mile from the shop.



Our baked goods and patisserie

Su, our bakery supervisor, and her team of skilled bakers create delicious breads, pastries, cakes and desserts daily. We also sell a large range of baked goods, pastries and desserts sourced from handpicked local suppliers. 

Need bread, patisserie or desserts for a special event? Contact us on 01246 565411 ext 8 or email us at