Traditional butchery with over 200 years' experience

Tony, our head butcher, and his team of expert butchers prepare all the meat for sale in the shop in the cutting room - you can spot it behind the counter in the butchery. With a combined total of over 200 years' experience, Tony and his team use traditional methods and ingredients to prep all the favourites.

From Chatsworth Estate lamb and venison (when in season) to our special recipe sausages and just about every cut of steak, our butchery is always well-stocked. 

If you have any questions about special cuts of meat or how your favourite is prepared, let our butchers know. They're always happy to answer your questions and help you prepare a meal to remember.

For your barbecue

From Chatsworth Estate burgers and freshly-prepared kebabs to mackerel and sardines, our sizzling selection of barbecue food will keep the whole family happy this summer.

Upgrade your barbecue into an extraordinary seasonal feast with our comprehensive range of sauces, pickles, marinades, summer salads and freshly baked bread.

Ready-to-cook range

Our ready-to-cook range is ideal for a quick, easy and delicious meal. Prepared daily and in-house by our expert butchers and fishmongers, we have a selection of chicken and fish marinated in delicious sauces using only high quality ingredients. Packaged to take home in a foil tray, you can pop them straight in the oven (and no need for any excess plastic).

Butcher's bites