A large farm with a small family

Chatsworth Farm covers 5000 acres of land, including areas of Chatsworth Park. The farm family is made up of only six people, including two cattle stewards and two shepherds, who manage the farm and rear 280 cattle and over 3000 sheep. It truly is a large farm run by a small family. 

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility and animal welfare are at the forefront of our farm management programme, and we strive to continually improve both. Chatsworth Farm also adopts practices to promote and preserve wildlife, archaeology and species rich pastures, in line with the Environmental Stewardship Scheme. 

Chatsworth Estate spring lamb

The new season estate spring lamb is available at the farm shop from mid-May. Cared for by Chatsworth's Head Shepherd and their dedicated team, the lambs have been reared on a diet of the finest ewes’ milk and lush grass, producing meat that is tender with a rich depth of flavour. This year’s lamb is especially good, due to a mild winter and early growth of grazing pastures.

Chatsworth Farm by numbers

Chatsworth Farm raise:

  • 200 Pedigree Limousin cows
  • 50 Pedigree Luing cows
  • 30 Pedigree Hereford cows
  • 2000 North of England mule sheep
  • 500 Swaledale sheep
  • 800 Lleyn sheep

Chatsworth Estate cattle and sheep are all high welfare and are grazed on the farmland and moorland surrounding Chatsworth. In fact, if you're a keen walker in the area, you've probably walked through their grazing land.