In season this May

Whether you're cooking up an old favourite or trying something new, our expert fishmongers are always on hand to give advice and prepare your fish just the way you like it. We have three seasonal fish on our counter this month; megrim sole, dabs and John Dory, all from our British waters.

Megrim sole

Known as 'a fish only a mother could love', due to its looks, this is a relatively unknown fish unlike its cousins, lemon and Dover sole. However, to those in the know, the fish holds a lot of flavour and is delicious sautéed in lemon butter and freshly chopped parsley. It is abundant at this time of the year and very sustainable compared to lemon and Dover sole.


Similar to lemon sole, dabs are succulent and sweet when cooked on the bone, with a buttery taste and a more intense flavour nearer the tail. Until recently, when cod and haddock became less available, dabs were ignored by commercial fishing vessels despite their delicious taste. Dabs are similar in appearance to flounders and plaice.

John Dory

Abundant at this time of year, the John Dory fish has a sweet to medium flavour, with a light aroma and subtle hint of seaweed. John Dory is also known as St Peter’s fish, due to a black spot on the flank, which legend says represents the saint’s thumbprint.

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