Natasha Daintry, Sowing Colour, 2016-2018

  • This artwork is made of 237 porcelain pots of various sizes
  • Every pot is handmade
  • Every pot is a different colour
  • The pots grow in scale in accordance with the Fibonacci sequence
  • The artist says that the work is about ‘order and increase’ however there is also a sense of chance because it is not always possible to predict how the kiln-firing process will affect each individual pot
  • There is no hierarchy of scale: the big pots are no better, or more important than the small
  • There is no hierarchy in diversity. The variations in colour, and their arrangement, are different yet balanced at each level
  • This artwork represents harmony in diversity

Try this

  • Collaborate as a whole class to create your own Sowing Colour. Choose your own shapes and colours and work in small groups – each group working in a different scale that corresponds with the Fibonacci sequence
  • You could use air drying clay or painted sheets of paper (rolled and stuck together to stand on end); paint empty plastic drink bottles, metal cans or wrapping paper and kitchen roll card tubes

Discuss this

Every pot is different just like everyone in the class. How you arrange the different colours and sizes shows the way different people can stand together to create harmony in society. Talk about the choice you have made as a group when making your own Sowing Colour.

Email us for a high-resolution image of the artwork. Proof of teacher status will be required.