As a registered charity, Chatsworth House Trust (CHT) has a commitment to its charitable objectives which includes offering a wide variety of learning opportunities for both children and adults. To facilitate this, CHT has an access and participation fund that can be made available to groups who can demonstrate they fulfil certain criteria. It is essential that criteria can be evidenced in order that we allocate the funds in a transparent, equitable and auditable manner. 

To apply for a travel subsidy, please complete the application form below and a member of our team will be in touch within five business days.

This fund does not support visits from universities.

Applicants should be aware that, where return visits are requested, we will not be able to commit to subsidising repeat visits within a 12 month period if, by doing so, this prevents first time visitors from accessing support.

School groups

Community groups

If you have a governing document or constitution, please email this to along with your organisation name after submitting your application.

Other groups

We will consider applicants from groups who do not fall into the categories outlined above (schools and community groups) on a case by case basis however we ask that you provide us with information to support your request below. We will prioritise supporting groups that do fulfil the criteria.

Details of request

If yes, please email the travel quote along with your organisation name to after submitting your application.