Arts engagement

Art workshops last two hours unless otherwise stated and include an interactive talk and practical art-making activities; sessions are designed to enhance visual literacy and develop technical and creative skills. 


Visit can include the house, garden and/or farmyard

Pupils will discover new ways of observing and drawing artworks, focusing on line, shape and space to make compositional drawings.  Individual drawings will then be used to experiment with printmaking, using monoprint techniques in the learning centre.

Curriculum links: English, PSHE, art & design

Art movements at Chatsworth

Visit must include the house

Investigate the form, function and themes represented in a number of art movements in the collection at Chatsworth House. Learners will explore the key visual and conceptual features of a selected range of historical art movements. Using guided observational drawing exercises to document characteristics of the art work, participants will experiment with a range of drawing media and techniques.  Learners will experience these key features through primary studies, making notes through drawing and annotation.

Curriculum links: English, history, PSHE, art & design

Sculpture at Chatsworth

Visit must include the house

Use a range of looking, drawing and analysis techniques to explore a selection of classical and contemporary sculptural objects. This session includes observational drawing skills taking place inside the house and/or the gardens.  Learners will be introduced to a select range of 3D objects to study. Learners will practice drawing from observation and making visual notes through mark making and reflective annotation.  These drawings and marks will be used as a basis for a 3D sculptural interpretation, demonstrating an appreciation of form and manipulation of materials.

Curriculum links: English, art & design

Outdoor learning

Tractor trailer tour 

Visit must include the farmyard; 30 minutes

An immersive tour through the Chatsworth Park looking at the day to day running of a large estate and the many events hosted on the estate. Full commentary will be given about the range of impacts leisure and tourism can have on communities and the range of employment opportunities the estate provides.

The trailer has lap belts, a ramp and wheelchair clamping facility.

Curriculum links: science, English, history

Tailored tours

House tour

Visit must include the house

Our expert guides will take your learners on a journey full of stories about the people and the objects that have shaped Chatsworth's 500-year history. Pupils will learn about key elements of the house, from ancient artefacts to modern art, and compare and contrast what they see to their own modern lives. Tours are 1.5 hours and can be tailored to incorporate your chosen topic – just let us know on your booking form.

Curriculum links: English, history, art & design

Garden tour

Visit must include the garden

Pupils will explore the landscape with an intrepid garden guide and uncover some of its hidden stories and secrets. Specialist tours, focusing on areas such as the glasshouses, garden history and water features can also be arranged on request.

Curriculum links: science, English, history

Plan your visit


For more information about our learning sessions and to discuss curriculum links, email us at or call us on 01246 565341. 

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