2019-2020 programme

Curiosities of the Devonshire Collections

6pm | 19 November 2019

Alice Martin, Devonshire Collections Manager, will deliver a private viewing of some key items from one of the most important private collections in Europe.

Hosted in the Library, Patrons will be given a rare insight into some of the more curious and unusual items in the collections, including little known Edwardian gadgets used for early scientific discoveries. This will include the complex and fascinating instruments belonging to inventor and scientist Henry Cavendish.

Life stories exhibition VIP launch

3pm | 18 March 2020

Patrons will be invited to join us for the launch of our newest exhibition entitled Life Stories, which will be on display in the house from the 21 March to the 6 October 2020.

Designed to unlock the stories of Chatsworth through the juxtaposition of portraits and related objects throughout the visitor route. The exhibition aims to encourage our visitors to look deeper at our portraits and consider the themes identity, narrative and legacy.

The servants' quarters

6pm | 12 May 2020

Janet Bitton, Head Housekeeper, will take you on a tour of 'below stairs' at Chatsworth, not currently open to the public.

The tour will explore how the 6th Duke built the North Wing in the 19th century to entertain, with the necessary labyrinth of operational space for the servants to deliver these elaborate parties. Rooms to explore will include everything from beer cellars, sculleries and laundries to music vestibules.

Importance of water at Chatsworth

6pm | 8 July 2020

Steve Porter, Head of Gardens and Landscape, will explain the complex and fascinating water system that is integral to the Gardens at Chatsworth.

Patrons will follow the route of the water, from a stream above Chatsworth, to the lakes in Stand Wood before arriving in the garden to turn on some of Chatsworth most iconic water features. We will also explore water's historic functional role in powering the estate with Chatsworth's groundbreaking turbine house.

Patrons of Chatsworth

As a Patron you will have exclusive access to Chatsworth, the collections and the curatorial and management team via the events programme. These give an insight into how Chatsworth is looked after and an opportunity to delve into the depths of the Devonshire Collections which are brought to life by the knowledge and passion of the Chatsworth staff. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Patron, please contact Sarah Owen at sarah.owen@chatsworth.org.

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