Chatsworth has today shared its plans for the future of the estate and its commitment to involving stakeholders and communities in its ambitious vision for the next 15 years and beyond.

Following initial engagement with stakeholders in November, Chatsworth has produced a draft of its Whole Estate Plan (WEP) and has invited feedback from the local community, key authorities, and partner organisations as part of a wide-ranging consultation.

The final plan is due for publication in summer 2023, and Chatsworth will continue to share progress at regular intervals, welcoming further input from stakeholders. By doing so, Chatsworth is aiming to ensure that both the community and its partners have a genuine involvement in shaping Chatsworth’s future.

Such plans are best practice in holistic planning for large estates, giving consideration to their environmental, social, and economic impact, as well as supporting the partnership between land owners, National Park Authorities, and local people. As such, Chatsworth’s Whole Estate Plan will run in partnership with, and alongside, the Peak District National Park Authority’s own aims.

The Plan will provide valuable insight into the estate while acting as a reference point for future proposals and initiatives. By sharing its vision and direction of travel for the years ahead, Chatsworth is aiming to build stronger collaboration and common goals with its partners and community. 

The process to date has involved engagement with councils, charities and trusts, trade bodies, local independent businesses, and neighbours, among others, and supports the Estate’s overarching vision to benefit its heritage, its people, and its shared future. 

Lord Burlington, Chairman of The Chatsworth Settlement said: “We take great care to balance the needs of conservation, access, enjoyment, education, community, and economy at Chatsworth. Our plan sets out our aims for achieving this balance over the next 15-20 years, and our commitment to work in partnership with stakeholders and community members who share our desire to make a lasting, positive contribution on a local, national, and global level.”

Stephen Vickers, CEO of the Devonshire Group said: “Our Whole Estate Plan has been designed to cover the period running up to 2040, to align with the timeframe of the Peak District National Park Partnership Management Plan. It sets out a portfolio of environmental, social, and economic projects and initiatives that we believe will collectively realise our vision for the Chatsworth Core Estate while contributing meaningfully to the long-term goals and objectives of the National Park in which we’re very proud to sit.”

Phil Mulligan, Chief Executive of the Peak District National Park Authority said: “We’re pleased to see the continued progress of this ambitious Whole Estate Plan for Chatsworth and no more so than as we embark upon the next chapter of the wider Peak District’s future with the latest Management Plan for the National Park. Partnership, collaboration, and early conversations as stakeholders are the cornerstones to building upon aspirations that may ultimately allow us to be exemplars in how to take care of these protected landscapes under our collective guardianship.”

The Whole Estate Plan will act as a framework for the management of the estate, its charities, and its businesses and a guide for decision making which will continue to develop and evolve over time. The Plan covers the core Chatsworth Estate, including Chatsworth House, Garden, parkland, and Stand Wood – all under the management of the Chatsworth House Trust charity – as well as farms, woods, moorland, and other interests between Baslow and Beeley, plus Peak Village in Rowsley.

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