This week, 28 November to 6 December, is National Tree Week, the UK’s largest annual tree celebration. It marks the start of the winter tree planting season, which runs from November until about March.

The Chatsworth Woodlands are sustainably managed, meaning their management could continue indefinitely without depleting the natural resource. Key to this is a staggering amount of tree planting. Over the next few months, at Chatsworth we will plant around 90,000 trees.

Ahead of this, our forestry team carries out checks on any sites planted in the last three years. Each September, we map sample plots and count all the trees within them. This allows us to see how the trees are getting on and to count how many are still growing strongly (our stocking density). This year, as part of their site visits, our foresters counted over 6,000 trees across the estate. Sadly, due to this year’s dry summer, some of our young trees have struggled to survive and now need to be replaced.

As part of our planting programme on the estate, we are utilising a variety of different species. By planting a range of species, we are helping to future-proof our forests against the impacts of climate change. After all, these forests will be around far longer than we will, not only producing timber and firewood, but also providing valuable habitats for wildlife and places for people to enjoy and explore.

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